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Lunabella Whispers – (Series 4)

7-Inch Vinyl Begoths Figure

Bleeding Edge series 4 vinyl Begoths figures include; Cyberella D”Nile, Angelica Noir, Lunabella Whispers and Malice in Wonderland. These four very different dolls have one thing in common they are entirely Goth!

Lunabella Whispers is decked out in hot flames and black leather! She wears lots of silver jewelry, and has a tattoo on her upper arm. Lunabella Whispers wears burgundy thigh high leggings that match her giant bangs of the same color, and classic Mary Jane shoes. The final touch to complete her Goth look is her black wings and flame eye makeup.

Includes a collector’s card.

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Dimensions 10 x 3 x 7 in

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