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Teddy Scares – Eli Wretch

Eli Wretch was bought as a souvenir at a highway rest stop for a trucker’s son. He was a reminder of a father who was never around. When the trucker deserted his family, Eli was thrown to the curb as a painful memory of a father who wouldn’t be back.

The Teddy Scares were once motionless teddy bears. When their owners outgrew them they were rejected and tossed into the garbage dump, and this is where they’ve made their home.

Eli Wretch is approximately 12″ and wears a dirty tank and jeans with a big skull belt buckle. He also wears his “Dead Neck” hat and cracked sunglasses and carries his tire iron that’s for getting rid of pesky hitchhikers. He comes sealed in a collectors box with front display window.

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