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Cyberella D’Nile (Series 4)

7-Inch Vinyl Begoths Figure

Bleeding Edge series 4 vinyl Begoths figures include; Cyberella D’Nile, Angelica Noir, Lunabella Whispers and Malice in Wonderland. These four very different dolls have one thing in common they are entirely Goth!

Cyberella D’Nile is a Cyber-Egyptian Goddess! Her black hair is cut in a classic chin-length blunt bob, just as the ancient Egyptians wore it so long ago. Her metallic apparel is stylish and very much like the rave and gothic trends of today. Cyberella D’Nile has a few piercings and dark makeup. Wrapped around her left arm, she holds her trusted red cobra snake.

Includes a collector’s card.

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Dimensions 10 x 3 x 7 in

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