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california souvenirs


“The Golden State”

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California was the 31st state in the USA; it was admitted on September 9, 1850. It is by far the most populated state in the US. The news of the gold rush in 1848 brought in some 300,000 people. The states diversity ranges from the Redwood Douglas Fir forests of the northwest, to the Mojave Desert of the southeast. In the west is the Pacific coast and in the east the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Below you can see all of the available California souvenirs and stuffed bears, and its major cities of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego and San Francisco. We also have a California dinosaur and a California Unicorn. Our plush bears are manufactured by Symbolz®, Souvies®, and Peace Pals®. Choose your favorite California state bear and California souvenirs and add them to your cart.