Peace Pals

Peace Pals

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Peace Pals ® are larger state souvenirs that wear a peace sign, state or city shirt. Peace Pals ® are bright, colorful, soft stuffed bears and will bring a smile to anyones face. They are decked out with hip colors that show their funky flair and groovy bright colors. Each one has a warm super friendly smile. The Tie-Dyed Teddy Bear state bear and the Green Puppy with peace signs are available in many states and cities with their own removable custom fit shirt.


Looking for the perfect state bear or souvenirs? Symbolz®,Souvies® and Peace Pals® are the perfect travel state souvenirs to remind you of your vacations and travels.

Great Gifts

Our state bear travel souvenir collectables are fun to collect and also make the the perfect gift.